One Technology

Millions of Improved Lives

With precision at it’s core, our novel platform reagent technology detects presence of critical targets delivering qualitative and quantitative results at lightning speed.


Precision in a Tube with InsGen

Hummsa’s InsGen kit uses DNA/RNA with nanoparticles to create DNA sensors that bind specifically and accurately with chosen targets to change colour and deliver results.


What Sets Us Apart

1 Min Turnaround

We deliver quick diagnostic results, averaging under a minute for, boosting productivity.

High Accuracy

With a sample size of 600 patients, our findings exhibit a remarkable level of precision and reliability.

10x more Economical

We provide a remarkable tenfold increase in cost-effectiveness, delivering unparalleled value.

Hassle Free

InsGen ensures a 1 step protocol,  and doesn’t require any cold chain storage for a hassle free process.


InsGen doesn't just provide a simple Yes or No; it tells you the quantity of the target present.

5x More Shelf Life

Our tests claim a shelf life five times longer than conventional antibody tests.


Pillars Of Hummsa

Harshad Lalwani

Co-Founder & CEO at Hummsa

Harshad Lalwani

Dr. Swapnil

Dr. Swapnil

Co-founder and CSO at Hummsa

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