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Harnessing the power of…



Synthetic Biology

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Our Device

Introducing our groundbreaking diagnostic device - a compact, lightweight powerhouse that's redefining portability. Designed to fit in a backpack, our device brings the power of a full-scale lab to your fingertips. Capable of conducting 15 assays simultaneously, it offers unparalleled efficiency without compromising on accuracy. And with the potential to increase capacity, it's not just a device - it's a scalable solution designed to grow with your needs.

Our Assay

At the heart of our technology is our proprietary assay - a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. While we can't reveal all the details, what we can share is this: our assay is designed to deliver rapid, accurate results, forming a crucial component of our diagnostic solution. It's part of what makes our technology a game-changer in the field of diagnostics.


Our AI

Transforming raw data into actionable insights is our AI software. This sophisticated software takes the data from our device and converts it into a comprehensive report, delivered directly to your smartphone within minutes. It's not just about speed, though - our AI software ensures that you have the precise, reliable information you need to make informed decisions. It's the final piece of the puzzle in our mission to revolutionize diagnostics.

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